Jessica Silversaga's photo anthology for iPad

Where No Endings End is a book of collected works by Swedish photographer Jessica Silversaga. The images were selected from some of her favorite pieces created during the years of 2008 to 2010.

Originally published in 2011 as a small-format paperback with a limited-edition press run of just 250 copies, K Composite is now thrilled to be re-issuing Jessica Silversaga’s first book on the iPad.

Silversaga’s ethereal and dreamy images become a stunning new adventure when experienced in the full resolution of the iPad’s incredible Retina screen.

The 56-image anthology takes on new life, clarity and color, with tactile images you can touch, swipe and resize to see even more detail.

Even if you already love Silversaga’s photography, you’ve never seen it like this. And, of course, the new iPad version contains the exact same page-for-page sequence of images from the original print edition.

Jessica Silversaga’s Where No Endings End is available for iPad and Mac in the Apple iBookstore.

Jessica Silversaga lives in Sweden and works as a photographer and writer. Her work has been exhibited in Paris, London and Stockholm.

Just a few copies of the limited edition paper edition still remain in Silversaga’s Etsy shop. Prints of her work are available here.

Jessica Silversaga

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