Views on the News - Where Is Tom Selleck?

Views on the News: Where Is Tom Selleck?

Episode 92

Controversy surrounds Tom Selleck and Blue Bloods, according to Randy who is calling in to share some research he has been doing online.

Apparently, the Tom Selleck who appears in Blue Bloods every Friday night on CBS is not the real Tom Selleck.

Although Randy’s wife agrees, our host Gary seems a bit skeptical about the existence of a plot to replace Tom Selleck with a replica. While Gary attempts to poke holes in the story with some counter points, he ultimately suggests a possible culprit.

Associate producer: Betsy McClimans

(Programming note: This episode was recorded in October 2020 and scheduled to appear today, January 13, 2021. The idea of a bunch of big dummies believing absurd online conspiracy theories seemed funnier a few months ago than it does today, in light of what happened at the Capitol. Nonetheless, I stand by my brave decision to make fun of these damn fools who seem to believe pretty much anything.)

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