Episode 21

This episode is my special audio tribute to the community of people who of post videos online without bothering to learn how to mix, edit, or produce anything first.

These people have spent very little time watching professionally created programs to absorb the concept of how things should look and sound.

Here’s a pro tip: the CBS Evening News does not begin with the phrase, “What’s up, CBS.”

Many so-called “content creators” are unaware that when the host of a video messes up his lines, his should stop and try it again until he gets it right. Afterward, he or an editor should remove all the errors and dead space. The same is true if a little kid screams in the background when you’re recording.

Surprisingly, many of these people also don’t realize that a two-minute review of the camera they just bought should not have 45-second intro with title credits and theme music.

So what’s up, you guys. Just cuz um I just wantwant to say tell me what you thing n comments beloww and see ya next time alright.

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