What if there were 13 months instead of 12?

All months with equal days

All months would have the same number of days, 28, except the last month would have 29.

• There would be exactly four weeks in each month.

• For the entire year, the first of each month would always be a Sunday. The following year, the first of each month would always be a Monday.

• Because the lunar cycle is about 28 days, you could roughly know the day of the month by looking at the Moon. New moons and full moons would be very close to the calendar.

• You would never have to remember how many days are in each month.

All months with equal days

• Monthly bills would always be on the same day and date, simplifying your bill budgeting. For example, if you get paid every other Friday, paydays in a particular year would always be on Friday the 6th and 20th, and rent would always be due on Monday the 2nd.

• Women would have a better idea of when to expect their “monthly” visitor. For example, for those who have clockwork cycles would know that the 14th of every month is a bad day to go swimming.

• We would still have Leap Year every four years by adding an extra day onto our already odd 13th month.

• Every several years, a year would occur in which every 13th would be Friday the 13th.

• We would need a name for the extra month. Chances are it would end up being something like Microsoftember.

• People who currently have birthdays on the 29th, 30th, or 31st, would remain the same age for the rest of their lives. We’d have to figure out a fix for that.

This article appeared in K Composite Magazine issue 9, April 2000.