Washin' the Dishes
Posted in Here's the Tower on 20 Mar 2019
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Here's the Tower Washin' the Dishes
Episode 44

In this high-fidelity, stereophonic audio postcard, the listener is transported to a real Swedish kitchen to hear me washing the dishes.

It is not unusual that I break a dish or glass during the dishwashing process. Thus I have an eclectic collection of mostly non-matching dishes from a variety of origins.

I am happy to report that no dishes were harmed during the production of this episode. I was being extra careful to not embarrass myself by creating a loud crashing sound while recording my handiwork and also to not get water all over the recording equipment.

Recorded on location in the Stockholm suburb of Norra Sk├Ândal, the evening of Tuesday, February 12, 2019, with a payload of mostly glasses.

The result of this audio production is that if you listen really closely and shut your eyes, I think you’ll feel whisked away into the magical world of my household chores.

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