Useful Swedish Phrases
Posted in Here's the Tower on 23 Oct 2019
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Here's the Tower - Useful Swedish Phrases
Episode 61

In this lesson we’ll learn some common phrases that will help you communicate when you visit Sweden. The text is printed below so you can follow along as you learn. You’ll be speaking like a local in no time at all.

Little child – Dödgrävare.

Sir – Skitstövel.

Ma’am – Kärring.

Hello, waiter – Hallo, kåtbock.

Dear sir or madam – Din jäkla manshora.

I’m happy to meet you – Jag heter fitta.

Excuse me, ma’am – Ursäkta, likjävel.

I would like to buy you a drink – Jag skulle vilja kissa på ditt ansikte.

Guest voice: Smutsorm Sommartjej

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