That Creepy Video of Donald Trump’s Sweaty Lips

This tremendous video – it’s the best video, really – will show you how you can master this fantastic talent of touching the back of your pants, wiping the sweat off your sweating lip and rubbing it on your shirt. Donald Trump has these sweaty lips and everyone says so. Believe me.

These sweaty lips are so tremendous, they’ll make your head spin, honestly. You won’t believe it.

Watch him touch the back of his pants, wipe the sweat off his lip and then rub the sweat on his shirt. A white shirt. It’s a very white shirt. I don’t think you’ll find a whiter shirt to wipe lip sweat on. It’s pressed and clean. Really clean, frankly. This shirt has the best dry cleaner.

Some of these losers are lip-wipers.

When the Republican Party sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems here. They’re bringing pants-touchers. They’re bringing lip-wipers. They’re people who rub lip sweat on their shirts. And some, I assume, are good people.

But this guy could be, believe me, the best lip-wiper you’ve ever seen. I can guarantee you that. He wipes the sweat from his lip on his fancy shirt – it’s a very expensive shirt, one of the nicest shirts you can buy, really. It’s a very good shirt for wiping lip sweat on.

These shirts are a disaster if you ask me.

I know a lot about shirts. I have so many shirts. The haters and losers don’t have shirts like me to wipe their lip sweat on, and honestly, that’s why they’re haters and losers, if I can tell you that. These people who just leave lip sweat on their fingers without wiping it on their horrible shirts – shirts which are a disaster, if you ask me – they have got to go.

These people without this terrific lip sweat, excuse me, they’re lightweights. I have very, very large amounts of lip sweat. Very large. I’ve never received any complaints – believe me – about the amount of lip sweat I wipe on these shirts we’re talking about.

This pants-touching is tremendous. Really tremendous.

And as far as pants-touchers… People are telling me about pants-touchers. I see them on television and I’m hearing about them. Everyone is talking about them wherever you go and people touch their pants a lot before they wipe their lips. I know this guy in the front is always touching his pants, but you don’t see the media reporting on it. Why aren’t they reporting on it? You tell me. But it’s a huge issue – one of the biggest issues. Nobody’s reporting it. Nobody. Why is that?

Everybody loves the “Trump Creepy Lip Wipe” video. Everybody. And Russia, if you’re listening, I’d really like… I mean it would be terrific to see more pants-touching videos and lip-wiping is really great. Really great.