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Here's the Tower
A weekly one-minute audio adventure series from Scott Ritcher. Listen here or in any podcast app.
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Oh, Katarina

A few weeks ago, I got together with the staff of my favorite Stockholm watering hole, Katarina Ölkafé, to write and record a theme song for the bar.

Here's the Tower / 24 Oct 2018 View
It's Hardly a Podcast, Colonel Ritcher

With election season in full swing, the ads are starting to turn negative, and now this weekly minute of entertainment has come under attack.

Here's the Tower / 17 Oct 2018 View
What's Up, You Guys

Pro tip for young “content creators”: The CBS Evening News does not begin with the phrase, “What’s up, CBS.”

Here's the Tower / 10 Oct 2018 View
Guest host Michael Peterson from “The Staircase”

“Here’s the Tower” welcomes guest host Michael Peterson from the Netflix series “The Staircase.” Okay, fine. It’s just my best impersonation of him.

Here's the Tower / 3 Oct 2018 View
Thoughts on Space

If you find yourself in space, outside of the ship and without a space suit, don’t hold your breath. Doing so will cause you to die faster.

Here's the Tower / 26 Sep 2018 View
Desert Porch Scene

The desert is a fickle mistress and tonight Yucca County Deputies are responding to an incident out at the old Macklimmens property.

Here's the Tower / 19 Sep 2018 View
Fall Pledge Drive

With your non-tax-deductible gift of just $650,000 or more we’ll give you the first 17 episodes of Here’s the Tower on a high-bias cassette tape and a small house in Louisville, Kentucky.

Here's the Tower / 12 Sep 2018 View
Terrace House

If you are a superfan of the Japanese reality show Terrace House, like I am, then you are familiar with the curse of having its theme song stuck in your head for weeks on end.

Here's the Tower / 5 Sep 2018 View
Outlaw Comedian Rick Diamond

Beware! Outlaw comedian Rick Diamond’s humor isn’t for everyone. Some members of this audience simply aren’t prepared for his edgy brand of wisecracking.

Here's the Tower / 29 Aug 2018 View
This Episode Does Not Contain Explicit Language

This week’s episode is a family-friendly version of episode 7, which introduced the new swear phrases “Oh, it’s real windy out there” and “Samsung telephone!”

Here's the Tower / 22 Aug 2018 View
5 + 5 + 6 = 16

A musical experiment based on two sets of five beats followed by six beats. 

Here's the Tower / 15 Aug 2018 View
Hank Williams, Jr., and the Great Zoo Robbery, Part 3

Part 3: Even more details about how Hank Williams, Jr., arrived on the cover of a major label album wearing an unzipped, wide-lapeled terrycloth exercise jacket in a poorly-lit photo that looks like it was shot late one night when he got high and broke into a zoo.

Here's the Tower / 8 Aug 2018 View
Giddy up with Minnesota Mark

You’d never eat a horse – that’s gross! But what if you could have all the succulent flavor of horse, without the guilt?

Here's the Tower / 1 Aug 2018 View
Shut it down now!

We can no longer trust John Hammond and International Genetic Technologies (InGen) to keep us safe. Has the time come to shut down Jurassic Park once and for all?

Here's the Tower / 25 Jul 2018 View

Scott Ritcher performs “Higher” by Rihanna

Here's the Tower / 18 Jul 2018 View

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