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Here's the Tower
A one-minute audio adventure series from Scott Ritcher. Listen here or on your favorite podcast app.
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A special message to Quindar tone connoisseurs

It has been brought to my attention that the Quindar tones known as NASA beeps are not what I thought they were. I apologize for that and I will do better.

Here's the Tower / 6 Feb 2019 View
Earnings Call Q1 2019

Here’s the Tower presents its first quarter results for fiscal 2019 as user engagement continues to be a challenge in the one-minute audio adventure marketplace.

Here's the Tower / 30 Jan 2019 View
Making a Microaggressor

Here’s the Tower has obtained an exclusive excerpt from law enforcement’s controversial interrogation tape. Was Frank Davidson coerced as he confessed to a heinous microaggression?

Here's the Tower / 23 Jan 2019 View

Some bizdev bros in the Valley have come up with a simple app that gives you a totally cool and fun way to plan your own funeral.

Here's the Tower / 16 Jan 2019 View
Three Hands on the Piano

Most people don’t have three hands, if only because of the outrageous number of fingers that would entail, but such a set is required to play this song.

Here's the Tower / 9 Jan 2019 View
Matters of the Evening

Radio host Leonard Davidson welcomes you back to his call-in program that lets listeners discuss all things related to the time between day and night.

Here's the Tower / 2 Jan 2019 View
Theme Song Sing Along

Perhaps it’s no secret that the rhythms and melodies in a lot of television theme songs are based on the names of the shows.

Here's the Tower / 26 Dec 2018 View
The Screaming Bus

The public transit in Stockholm is pretty great, but every once in a while I end up in a bus that is screaming for mercy. This bus from Gullmarsplan to Norra Sköndal is one such bus.

Here's the Tower / 19 Dec 2018 View
Kazoos & Sequins, Part 1

In this tribute to one of my favorite podcasts, Cocaine & Rhinestones, we take a look at the career of the German novelty organist Mambo Kurt.

Here's the Tower / 12 Dec 2018 View
Pride and Prejudice and Turn-by-Turn Directions

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice has been made into movies and mashed up with zombies. Now you can enjoy all the breathtaking romance of this classic 1813 novel without missing any of your GPS driving directions.

Here's the Tower / 5 Dec 2018 View
Linköping Morning

I recently took a road trip with a couple friends to the beautiful town of Linköping, Sweden, and I made up this simple song early one morning.

Here's the Tower / 28 Nov 2018 View

I have a vintage, framed portrait of Bobby Kennedy hanging on my wall. It has moved to new apartments with me for 15 years or more. When I moved to Sweden, it was one of the few things I brought with me. During that move, I sold or gave away most of my belongings, but this, I kept.

Here's the Tower / 20 Nov 2018 View
Daily Motivation

Surprise yourself with the success you can achieve by dedicating your heart to your goals. The ability to prosper is within you.

Here's the Tower / 14 Nov 2018 View
Crumb Crisp Coating

Ah, the French! I am a huge Orson Welles fan, for all the right reasons and all the wrong reasons, though not as huge as the man himself.

Here's the Tower / 7 Nov 2018 View
Halloween Special: Dracula On Trial

Southern lawyer Frank Davidson takes the daring step of putting his client on the stand. Listen in as he questions the defendant and the courtroom erupts in murmurs.

Here's the Tower / 31 Oct 2018 View

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