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Here's the Tower
A weekly one-minute audio adventure series from Scott Ritcher. Listen here or in any podcast app.
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Washin' the Dishes

In this high-fidelity, stereophonic audio postcard, the listener is transported to a Stockholm suburb to hear me washing the dishes.

Here's the Tower / 20 Mar 2019 View
Heads up. Phones down.

Heads up. Phones down. It’s the dope jam that’s sweeping the sidewalks.

Here's the Tower / 13 Mar 2019 View
Frances Davidson, Psychic

Frances Davidson is a professional psychic and she is expecting your call.

Here's the Tower / 6 Mar 2019 View
The Metroschifter's Favorite Albums

In a special extended episode, the members of the Metroschifter discuss their top 15 favorite albums of all time.

Here's the Tower / 27 Feb 2019 View
Baseball Simulator

Baseball Simulator plays random phrases from baseball games and looks like a real radio. No one will ever know you’re not actually listening to a game.

Here's the Tower / 20 Feb 2019 View
For Immature Audiences Only

This week’s episode is intended for immature audiences only. If there are adults in the room, please ask them to step outside for a minute.

Here's the Tower / 13 Feb 2019 View
A special message to Quindar tone connoisseurs

It has been brought to my attention that the Quindar tones known as NASA beeps are not what I thought they were. I apologize for that and I will do better.

Here's the Tower / 6 Feb 2019 View
Earnings Call Q1 2019

Here’s the Tower presents its first quarter results for fiscal 2019 as user engagement continues to be a challenge in the one-minute audio adventure marketplace.

Here's the Tower / 30 Jan 2019 View
Making a Microaggressor

Here’s the Tower has obtained an exclusive excerpt from law enforcement’s controversial interrogation tape. Was Frank Davidson coerced as he confessed to a heinous microaggression?

Here's the Tower / 23 Jan 2019 View

Some bizdev bros in the Valley have come up with a simple app that gives you a totally cool and fun way to plan your own funeral.

Here's the Tower / 16 Jan 2019 View
Three Hands on the Piano

Most people don’t have three hands, if only because of the outrageous number of fingers that would entail, but such a set is required to play this song.

Here's the Tower / 9 Jan 2019 View
Matters of the Evening

Radio host Leonard Davidson welcomes you back to his call-in program that lets listeners discuss all things related to the time between day and night.

Here's the Tower / 2 Jan 2019 View
Theme Song Sing Along

Perhaps it’s no secret that the rhythms and melodies in a lot of television theme songs are based on the names of the shows.

Here's the Tower / 26 Dec 2018 View
The Screaming Bus

The public transit in Stockholm is pretty great, but every once in a while I end up in a bus that is screaming for mercy. This bus from Gullmarsplan to Norra Sköndal is one such bus.

Here's the Tower / 19 Dec 2018 View
Kazoos & Sequins, Part 1

In this tribute to one of my favorite podcasts, Cocaine & Rhinestones, we take a look at the career of the German novelty organist Mambo Kurt.

Here's the Tower / 12 Dec 2018 View

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