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Here's the Tower
A short-form audio adventure series from Scott Ritcher. Listen here or in your favorite podcast app.
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Fantasy Cabinet

This is a special audience-participation episode called Fantasy Cabinet. You can play.

Here's the Tower / 23 September 2020 View
Come Along Everybody

Far out, man! It’s Here’s the Tower’s season finale, so come along, everybody. Let’s celebrate this beautiful life we’re living.

Here's the Tower / 12 August 2020 View
Smart Home Merle Haggard

Gather ’round the smart speaker for an old timey radio play. Our main character, Frank, just purchased a smart home system that has the voice of country legend Merle Haggard. But soon after he plugs it in, Merle begins complicating Frank’s life.

Here's the Tower / 5 August 2020 View
The Heist, Part 2

In this sequel to Episode 49, Here’s the Tower’s team of investigative journalists continue digging into an unsolved case from four decades ago.

Here's the Tower / 29 July 2020 View
That's So Tower!

What in the world is the Tower doing in Debbie’s apartment? Seems like he’s up to his same old wacky high jinks again!

Here's the Tower / 22 July 2020 View
More Useful Swedish Phrases

If you’ve mastered the previous lesson, it’s time to move on to the next level.

Here's the Tower / 15 July 2020 View
The New Walkman

Sony announced their new Walkman models with a lot of new features for playing your tapes on the go. But it’s what the new design is ditching that has most people abuzz.

Here's the Tower / 8 July 2020 View
Play Some Mendelssohn

Today’s scene is a concert hall. We are with two friends who are anticipating what the orchestra might have prepared for them.

Here's the Tower / 1 July 2020 View
Coin Commemorative Coin

About the size of a US half dollar, and painstakingly minted in solid, brilliant, uncirculated cooper nickel, the Coin Commemorative Coin is a beautiful souvenir reminder of when people used coins. 

Here's the Tower / 24 June 2020 View
I Don’t Even Know If I Should Be Opening the Door

In this special 9 1/2-minute episode, Curtis Mead tells us a cautionary tale about answering the door at a famous person’s house.

Here's the Tower / 17 June 2020 View
Donny Edge

Just when you thought he couldn’t get any more petty in his personal attacks, now he has his own hardcore music podcast and he’s calling out the straightedge posers.

Here's the Tower / 10 June 2020 View
Tower Nation Announcement

Now you can sign up at patreon.com/tower to become an Official Member of Tower Nation.

Here's the Tower / 7 June 2020 View
The Dirty Statler Brothers

A lot of folks love the Statler Brothers, but their family-friendly image is just a little too squeaky clean. That’s why we’re proud to introduce The Dirty Statler Brothers.

Here's the Tower / 3 June 2020 View
Appalachian Getway

It’s that time of year, folks. It’s harvest time again.

Here's the Tower / 27 May 2020 View
Everything You Touched

I’ll never forget the look of everything you touched after you coughed into your hand.

Here's the Tower / 20 May 2020 View

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