Tower Nation Announcement

Tower Nation Announcement - Here's the Tower podcast

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Starting in June 2020, only the 36 most recent episodes of Here’s the Tower will be available in your favorite podcast app.

But when you sign up at, you can listen to the full episode archive whenever you want. With new episodes coming all the time, this archive will continue to grow.

Members also get behind-the-scenes access and can vote in exclusive polls to decide stuff like which characters might make return appearances, or what types of episodes I’ll make more of.

You can also choose personalized rewards like having your voice in an upcoming episode, your name used as the name of a character, or get early access to new episodes before regular listeners do.

Become an Official Member of Tower Nation today at Thanks!

➸ The latest 36 episodes of Here's the Tower are free in podcast apps. You can enjoy the complete collection of more than 75 episodes for just a few bucks.

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