That's So Tower!

Here's the Tower sitcom episode
Episode 76

What in the world is Tower doing in Debbie’s apartment? Seems like they’re both up to their wacky antics again! 

Guest voice:
Sararose Willey as Debbie

Catchphrases in this episode: 
“That was my nickname in high school.” 
“You don’t like having fun or…” 
“All this!” 
“I would love to laugh, but your humor is so juvenile.”
“Don’t bother” courtesy of a tour guide in Amsterdam years ago who meant to say “It’s not a bother.” 
“Joking off” courtesy of Stan Doll and Sam Sneed 

Music in this episode: 
“Theme from That’s So Tower” by Scott Ritcher 
“Timed Out” by Jingle Punks 
“Hear the Noise” by John Deley and the 41 Players

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