Episode 16

Konbanwa. If you are like me, a superfan of the Japanese reality show Terrace House, then you are familiar with the curse of having its theme song stuck in your head for weeks at a time.

While I can’t sing like Hiroomi Tosaka or play guitar like Yusuke Aizawa (a.k.a Eden Kai), I felt it was imperative that I record a cover version of the theme. The song is called “Slow Down” and was originally performed by Lights Follow featuring Matthew Heath and Grady Griggs. Yeah, I never heard of ’em either.

Conveniently, the edited version of the song that appears at the beginning of each Terrace House episode is about one minute long, so I didn’t have to do any major reworking of the tune to fit it into this format.

Terrace House airs in Japan on the Fuji network and you can see it on Netflix. Special thanks to Carla Jacob for getting me hooked on the show and teaching me how to clap on the backs of my arms and hands. And arigato to Ryota Yamasato (a.k.a. Yamachan) for making me laugh so hard in every episode.

I hope everyone finds my version to be a song worth dying for. Shall we listen? Let’s listen.

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