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Posted in Legal on 7 June 2012
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This policy was last updated 5 May 2015 (Version 1.3) and supersedes all previous versions.

[Our privacy policy can be found here: kcomposite.com/privacy]

Because K Composite Magazine is distributed all over the world and in many formats, we need you to be aware of the rights and permissions you give us to reproduce what you say in your interview as well as any materials you provide to us. All materials submitted to us are subject to these terms.

1. Right of reproduction and distribution

If you provide photographs or images for us to publish, you MUST have the right to give us these materials for this use. If you are not the photographer, it is your responsibility to get permission from the photographer to use her/his images in this publication. Any disputes that may arise as a result of our use of the materials you provide will be your responsibility.

By agreeing to the terms, you confirm that you have permission to use any materials you provide to us and that you are granting perpetual license to K Composite to reproduce these materials.

2. Production deadlines (when applicable)

For instances in which we request materials from you, all materials including the approval of these terms must be received prior to a specific deadline we will communicate to you. It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure that their materials arrive in time to be included in the magazine.

By agreeing to the terms, you confirm that you understand the time-sensitive deadline and that missing the deadline may cause your interview or other materials to not be included in the magazine.

3. Editorial continuity

If interview subjects intentionally provide responses, images, information, et cetera, that are deemed to be erroneous, bogus, promotional, or otherwise disruptive, every right is reserved to not publish material that is deemed unusable. Materials published in K Composite appear at the sole discretion of the publisher or editor. If we cannot use what you provide, we may notify you and ask you to submit alternate materials. Participation in an interview and/or submission of materials is not a guarantee of publication or inclusion in the magazine.

By agreeing to the terms, you confirm that you understand that K Composite is an editorial publication and a publisher or editor will ultimately decide what is suitable for inclusion.

4. Free license

You will never be charged any money for your participation. You will never receive monetary compensation for your participation. In the instance of certain crowd-funded projects, you may receive a gift in exchange for your support or participation.

By agreeing to the terms, you confirm that you understand participation in an interview is voluntary and you do not expect to receive compensation nor will you be asked to provide any compensation to us.

5. Definitions

K Composite Media LLC is the publisher of K Composite Magazine and is referred to in this document by several terms, including but not limited to “the publisher” and “us” and “K Composite.”

The words “publication,” “publish,” “produce,” “create,” et cetera, refer to any form in which K Composite Magazine’s content may be distributed now or in the future.

“Publishing” methods include but are not limited to paper magazines, Internet web sites, books, electronic books, electronic magazines, software, content for devices, storage in databases and retrieval systems, audio and/or video broadcasts of any wired or wireless kind, reinterpretations, and any form that publishing or content distribution may take in the future which may be unknown to us now, in all territories.

“Materials” refers to your words (written, typed, emailed, spoken, recorded, or communicated in any way) during your interview or submission; and to any imagery, photographs, audio, video, or otherwise reproduceable media.

6. Agreement to terms

By participating in the interview and/or providing materials for publication (images, text, artwork, et cetera) you are giving your approval to the terms contained in this document.

Any disputes will be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and/or the United States of America. These terms and conditions may be amended, revised, or updated without notice.

A current version of these terms can be requested at any time by contacting us at www.kcomposite.com/contact, or by mail at K Composite Media LLC, PO Box 43551, Louisville KY 40253 USA, or by viewing the current document at www.kcomposite.com/terms.

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