Episode 53

A well-deserved vacation is in order for Here’s the Tower‘s staff of 26 writers, five field producers, 38 actors, six cellists, four mechanics, one backend developer, two innovation engagement managers, one scrum master, an influencer… I mean con artist… one director of stakeholder alignment, a CRM specialist, two bartenders, a team of WiFi password guessers, and one vegetarian horse meat chef.

Thank you to all of them for their hard work over the past year, as well as to Dracula, Michael Peterson, album designer Henry Streck, Southern lawyer Frank Davidson, and his cousin, psychic Frances Davidson (but she knew I was going to say that).

I’ll be on the road this summer, playing shows in Germany, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Italy and maybe even God’s Great United States. My new six-song record, The Kentuckian, hits your favorite music services on May 29th, but you can get it today at www.metroschifter.com.

Your favorite weekly one-minute audio adventure series will be back in September with all new episodes.

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