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How to Get Your Fucking Money Back: paperback



Scott Ritcher
Paperback, 154 pages
First edition, 2023

Also available in special edition hardcover

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Be forewarned: Despite its title, this book contains absolutely no helpful advice for obtaining refunds.

Instead, a cast of fictional characters and Ritcher’s alter egos regale you with adventures from his storied life. Almost none of it is true.1

You’ll read about how he served in the Belgian National Guard, launched the Burger Chef restaurant chain, hosted the hit TV show Animal Autopsy and spent several years married to Kirsten Dunst during her two terms as governor of Kentucky.

The book is full of secret nuggets,2 including another book called Presidential Fun Facts & Trivia, information on bird spotting, proper table settings3 and a full 90 pages of About the Author  (which includes a little detour called About the Author’s Dogs.4

How to Get Your Fucking Money Back is an absurd, heavily footnoted,5 154-page ride that gleefully disregards reality, the rules of storytelling and, occasionally, some common respect for the English language.

Also available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.6


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How to Get Your Fucking Money Back
154 pages
Paperback pocket book
4.25 x 6.875 in (108 x 175 mm)
ISBN 978-0-9882663-6-0

Weight8 oz
Dimensions7 × 5 × .5 in

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