Tim Berners Lee

Some British dude who lives in Massachusetts invented the World Wide Web in Switzerland in 1990.

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Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton was a scholarship student at Xavier University in Cincinnati when interviewed in 1999 (in moving vehicle while making the 164-kilometer trip back to school from a weekend at her family’s permanent home in Louisville).   Her name is not Katherine, but Kate, and her middle name is not Shannon, but Shane. She doesn’t […]

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Peter Searcy

Late in 1991, Peter Searcy was interviewed in the first issue of K Composite.

Interviews / 28 November 1991 View
Issue 25

Fredrik Vindelälv and Niclas Blixt Madison have worked together in the magazine business for 8 years. In this unique co-interview, they sit down and talk with each other about their lives and their journey, as well as their unending quest to embarrass each other.

Issues, K Composite Magazine / 5 April 2014 View
Julia Lind

Julia’s presence is at once heartwarming, indignant, endearing, prodding and hysterical. So much of everything she says is in the subtleties, nuances and colors of the way she says it. When transcribed into written words, most of it simply disappears with the sounds.

Interviews, K Composite Magazine / 3 May 2012 View
Spiro T. Agnew: The Original Old Dirty Bastard

When Agnew died at age 77, a newspaper story in his home state of Maryland remarked, “There are many who remember him, but not very fondly.”

History, Stories / 1 August 2014 View
Issue 3

Interviews from 1993 with Christi Canfield, Chad Castetter, Melissa Middleton, Jeremy Podgursky, Jay Robbins, and Josh Sachs.

Issues, K Composite Magazine / 10 May 1993 View
Issue 16

Interviews with Mia Living, Alicia Cavender and Johanna Åhlberg from 2012.

Issues, K Composite Magazine / 9 May 2012 View
Crash Course in Cocktails with Drambuie

As an elite member of the Stockholm media was joined by about twenty of my alleged colleagues while a Scottish bloke name Bruce from Drambuie walked us through some quick and dirty recipes.

Stories / 25 September 2014 View
Adrienne Isgrigg

Adrienne, who has a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, is fanatical about Star Trek and Harry Potter.

Interviews, K Composite Magazine / 26 November 2011 View
K Composite cover shoot with Emily Dahl

Behind the scenes with photographer Emily Dahl as she captures subjects for K Composite magazine covers.

News / 3 October 2014 View
Issue 13

Interviews from 2008 with Jessica Woolard, Rachel Graham, Brittany Frey, Taylor Guthrie

Issues, K Composite Magazine / 7 January 2008 View
Surf boarding in high heels with Kit Keenan

I just can’t make fun of Cynthia Rowley’s 16-year-old daughter kicking ass on the waves in a pair of silver heels.

Audio Video, Stories / 20 August 2016 View
Kley Welsh

While working at The Gap in 1999, Kley Welsh stopped by the K Composite office in downtown Louisville to be subjected to the third degree.

Interviews, K Composite Magazine / 29 July 1999 View
Rob Suchan

Robert Franklin Suchan (pronounced SOO-kon) lives and goes to school in Bowling Green, Ohio. He has an interesting way of talking that sounds like someone from an old movie, crossed with a rock star and a basketball commentator… if you can imagine that. He plays guitar, and at the young age of 21, his music […]

Interviews, K Composite Magazine / 25 July 2000 View

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