Thommy Browne

From K Composite 14 Born 16 December 1976 in Louisville where he works as a web designer. Blue eyes. Favorite Atari game: Maze Craze. IF YOU WOKE UP ONE DAY AND DIDN’T KNOW HOW OLD YOU WERE, HOW OLD WOULD YOU THINK YOU ARE BASED ON THE WAYYOU FEEL IN THE MORNING? If I had […]

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Who (or what) the hell is Doctor Who?

The details of what Doctor Who actually is may induce chronic eye rolling and repeated under-your-breath utterances of the word “whatever.” Hang in there, we’re all in this together.

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Lauren Garrison

Lauren Garrison does her laundry every two weeks and loves chocolate. When she was in high school, despite being having a 3.75 grade point average, she was a real discipline case.

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Jessica Woolard

At 1.65 meters tall and a light 52 kilograms, Jessica Leanne Woolard is unflinching in her cynical honesty and is predominantly unconcerned with the opinions of others. Having always been interested in art, photography, and making things, J. Woolard” took a job in a one-hour photo lab at age 16. That job turned into a […]

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Issue 1

Interviews from 1991 with Keith Allison, Breck Pipes, Kim Sampson, Peter Search, Karen Sheets and John Weiss.

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Matching socks are a hoax!

Socks are not manufactured in pairs, so why does society put so much emphasis on matching? Socks are born alone, so shall they live and die alone.

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Elin Gunnarsson

Elin’s friend Anna volunteered her for a quick interview and in the short conversation we learned about the lack of open-casket funerals in Sweden.

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Issue 23

Sarah Mattingly grew up on a Kentucky farm and has the accent to prove it. Plus a preview of the new iPad book from photographer Jessica Silversaga.

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Rachel Allen

Rachel Elizabeth Allen always watches movies until the end of the credits – or at least until the songs are listed.

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Alicia Cavender

These days, Alicia uses ringtones that came with her phone. “I used to get free ringtones with my old cell phone plan, and I used to have a bunch of ringtones then. Not anymore. Journey, Outkast, Neil Young… You know. All the hits!”

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Get interviewed in K Composite

If you’d like to be interviewed in K Composite or interview a friend, or if you’re a photographer who’d like to help out, read more here!

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Patrick Masterson

Letterpress printer Patrick Masterson is interviewed by Jasmine Weatherby

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Tom Husman

Born 18 March 1969 in Atlanta, Georgia Favorite Atari game: Asteroids When Tom Husman was interviewed for K Composite in 1999, his introduction in the magazine went something like this: Thomas Chapman Husman, Jr. works with his father in Toledo, Ohio, where they paint walls and houses. Several times a year, he puts his painting […]

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Issue 27

McKenzie Gordon comes from a family that genetically has no delays nor filters between when they think something and when they say it.

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Joe Walker

Devoted film fan Joe Walker watches a lot of movies. In fact, that’s about all he ever does. He pays attention, too, and is a veritable fountain of knowledge about the most trivial details of particular films.

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