Karin Nilsson

Karin grew up in the area of Sweden where those red, wooden horses come from, but she feels like her life didn’t really start until she moved to England.

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Layla Smith

When interviewed for K Composite in 1992, Layla Smith was described as: “a 19-year-old Collegiate graduate and a UofL drop-out who goes to punk shows and through some strange twist of fate became one of the five 1992 Kentucky Derby Festival Princesses.”

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Chris Reinstatler

Christopher Jason Reinstatler (whose friends call him “The Hört”) likes to have a good time and laugh about funny things. He often has a demeanor along the lines of Super Dave Osborne, so while he’s in the thick of the comedy, he is acting like he doesn’t know that something is funny… which just makes […]

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Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton was a scholarship student at Xavier University in Cincinnati when interviewed in 1999 (in moving vehicle while making the 164-kilometer trip back to school from a weekend at her family’s permanent home in Louisville).   Her name is not Katherine, but Kate, and her middle name is not Shannon, but Shane. She doesn’t […]

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Brittany Frey

When she was in high school in 1999, Brittany Frey saw an ad seeking people to deliver stacks of K Composite Magazine to stores and restaurants. She and a friend came to our office which was in the St. Francis High School building at the time – prior to its renovation. She recalls, “I just […]

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Fredrik Vindelälv & Niclas Blixt Madison

Fredrik Vindelälv and Niclas Blixt Madison have worked together in the magazine business for eight years, which they both agree is “way too long.”

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K Composite cover shoot with Emily Dahl

Behind the scenes with photographer Emily Dahl as she captures subjects for K Composite magazine covers.

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Issue 19

Linnea Måhlén digs deep into the topics of graphic design, tulips, long-distance relationships and Elaine Benes in this extended single-interview issue.

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McKenzie Gordon

McKenzie Gordon is fascinated by serial killers and really hates it when people chew with their mouths open.

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Bee attack witness Gary Lee Anderson speaks out against the haters

The man who took eyewitness testimony to a whole new level fires back, “The only inbred I see here is you.”

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Tell us a story

We’d love to publish your articles and stories about personal experiences, history, unique stories, places and happenings.

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Johanna Åhlberg

After finishing years of language and linguistics, Johanna is dreaming of a new future working with electricity.

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Carrie Osborne

In the summer of 1992, Carrie Osborne was: “a 19-year-old Bellarmine College student. She schooled at Collegiate for 12 years and played field hockey there. One of her hobbies was getting into yearbook photos for activity groups she wasn’t in.” Her freshman year of college was spent in Lexington at the University of Kentucky. Carrie […]

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Issue 8

Interviews from 2000 with Katherine Bilby, Curtis Mead, Maiza Hixson, Jim Septic and Kley Welsh.

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About the Adjective Thermometer

Please note that the Adjective Thermometer app will cease functioning on December 31, 2018. The service that provides our live weather data is unfortunately closing down. Thank you for enjoying several descriptive years of weather. Invented as a complex mechanical device, years before the introduction of the iPhone, the Adjective Thermometer comes 11 years in the […]

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