Alice Davenport

Alice was interviewed for K Composite in 1992 after having moved to Owensboro, Kentucky.

Interviews / 27 November 1992 View
Peter Searcy

Late in 1991, Peter Searcy was interviewed in the first issue of K Composite.

Interviews / 28 November 1991 View
Quick and dirty recipe for classic Swedish Glögg

Glögg is a popular and cozy heated mixture of spices, seasonings, red wine and vodka. It’s a Scandinavian staple during the winter holidays. Let’s make some!

Stories / 25 September 2014 View
Issue 27

McKenzie Gordon comes from a family that genetically has no delays nor filters between when they think something and when they say it.

Issues / 14 September 2016 View
Brittany Frey

When she was in high school in 1999, Brittany Frey saw an ad seeking people to deliver stacks of K Composite Magazine to stores and restaurants. She and a friend came to our office which was in the St. Francis High School building at the time – prior to its renovation. She recalls, “I just […]

Interviews, K Composite Magazine / 25 October 2007 View
John Carswell

John wrote to us in 2000, “Maybe it would be cool to interview me because I’m in the Navy.” We agreed with that because we were curious. Joining the Navy is something that none of us would ever do.

Interviews / 1 October 2000 View
Stan Doll

A lot of people are enthusiastic about life, but most of those people are idiots. That’s somehow not the case with Stan Doll.

Interviews, K Composite Magazine / 30 September 2011 View
Adrienne Isgrigg

Adrienne, who has a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, is fanatical about Star Trek and Harry Potter.

Interviews, K Composite Magazine / 26 November 2011 View
Louis Winner

Louis Winner realizes the irony of the fact that his three favorite animals are all basically the same: the wolf, the Siberian Husky and the German Sheperd.

Interviews, K Composite Magazine / 18 August 2011 View
6 crazy facts about Christmas that'll make you shit your pants

When your friends and relatives are gathered around the tree, knock their socks off with these amazing, little-known trivia facts about Christmas.

Stories / 6 December 2016 View
Abbey Bradford

Abbey Bradford lives in Lafayette, Indiana, a small city of about 60,000 which sits as an oasis roughly halfway between Indianapolis and Chicago.

Interviews, K Composite Magazine / 25 August 2000 View
Issue 13

Interviews from 2008 with Jessica Woolard, Rachel Graham, Brittany Frey, Taylor Guthrie

Issues, K Composite Magazine / 7 January 2008 View
Frances Folsom married the president. Nice!

In 1886, Frances Folsom married President Grover Cleveland at a White House ceremony. It was the only time a sitting president has been wed while in office.

History, K Composite Magazine / 26 April 2018 View
Issue 7

Interviews from 1999 with Alexis Luescher, Tom Husman, Libby Ackerman, Amy Riggs, Kate Middleton, Miles Harvey and Stephanie Teague

Issues, K Composite Magazine / 10 November 1999 View
William Henry Harrison was barely the President of the United States

If there were ever to be a movie made about the presidency of William Henry Harrison, the two biggest dilemmas in the production would be: 1. Who should we get to play him, Sam Donaldson or Mr. Bean? and 2. How can we possibly stretch this into 90 minutes? For, you see, no man was […]

History, Stories / 1 August 2015 View

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