Episode 57

Talking wrong is one of my favorite ways to entertain myself. I have picked up many phrases over the years that I like to use in my everyday conversations.

Foremost and first, phrases like “right arm” and “of corpse” are easy to quickly slip into a conversation so the person you’re speaking with doesn’t notice you’ve said anything different than what they expected to hear.

I picked up some of these phrases from other people, and while I can’t remember where they all came from, I would like to thank Kassie McDonald for “suture yourself” which is one of my favorites. Thanks also to anyone else who has contributed to my vocabulary.

Some of the terms included in this episode are common phrases – such as “rest and relaxation” or “sticks and stones” – which sound annoyingly awkward when the pairs of words rearranged.

And not least but last, I’d like to recommend the 1994 essay “How I Met My Wife” by Jack Winter, which is littered with uncomfortably uncommon word forms like chalant, cognito and flappable. I don’t know anything about the author, but this essay is really grapes.

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