October Surprise - Tower Nation Update

October Surprise: Tower Nation Update

This is a quick reminder that you have less than two weeks left to submit your Fantasy Cabinet bracket.

All entries must be received before 11:59 pm Eastern Time on November 2, 2020. That’s the day before the civil war… I mean, the day before Election Day. 

If you want to have a chance to win that luxurious Here’s the Tower coffee mug – and otherwise have some sort of distraction to get you through the upcoming long, dark winter of of our discontent – head on over to kcomposite.com/cabinet to fill in your Fantasy Cabinet bracket.

If you don’t know what that is, listen to Episode 80: Fantasy Cabinet.

Some people have already entered but it’s only fun for you if you play.


…but wait! There are more updates!

Since I started Here’s the Tower back in 2018, the episodes have been grouped into seasons. That means you’d hear a new one every Wednesday for, say 13 weeks in a row, and then there would be nothing new to hear for lots of weeks. 

On balance, there has been a new episode on most of the Wednesdays since May 2018. But the results of a recent survey of my Patreon benefactors were clear: people don’t really care for the empty time between seasons. 

I’m not really into that down time either. I’m usually working on new episodes and when one is finished, I typically don’t want I wait too long for people to hear it. 

So as Ernest Tubb would say, there’s gonna be some changes made around here. Starting next Wednesday, October 28, 2020, new episodes of Here’s the Tower will appear in your podcast app on most Wednesdays year ’round. There will be no more long breaks between seasons. 

And another big change is also coming next week.

Earlier this year, I launched a Patreon program for Here’s the Tower. I have been – how do you say – psyched that people actually got on board and are supporting the show. Thanks. 

One of the bonuses that patrons have enjoyed has been exclusive access to the full archive of more than 75 episodes, not just the latest 36 episodes that have been available free in all podcast apps

But you are one of those patrons, you know that setting up the private podcast feed to access all those episodes is a huge pain in the ass, and it doesn’t even work at all for people who use Spotify to listen to their podcasts. (Thanks, Obama.) So I’m gonna change the rewards system a little bit as well.

Starting October 28, 2020, the full episode archive will be free again for everybody! No more special feeds or passwords to set up.

Now, I understand. If gaining access to the full episode archive was the reason you became a patron and now that it’s free you don’t want to renew your monthly Patreon pledge, that’s totally fine. You can simply cancel your patronage. No hard feelings. I want you to get what you want. I want everybody to be happy. I’m not doing this for the money anyway (although the money does help me make the show better).

Of course, members will still get all the other benefits that come with their tier of patronage, including behind-the-scenes access, exclusive polls to decide stuff like which characters might make return appearances, personalized rewards like having your voice in an upcoming episode, your name used as the name of a character, producer credits, and great stuff like that.

So there are still lots of great reasons to become an Official Member of Tower Nation at patreon.com/tower if you’re not on board yet.

So that’s all the big news: New episodes will premiere on most Wednesdays year round, the full episode archive is free again for everybody, and you have to fill in that Fantasy Cabinet bracket!

Thanks for listening and stay safe out there. There will be a new regular-style episode next week!

Associate Producer: Betsy McClimans

Music in this episode:
“Vanadislunden” by Scott Ritcher and Magic GarageBand

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