My Battle with IPS

Here's the Tower podcast Irritable Person Syndrome
Episode 66

I am ready to admit something to myself and to my listeners. I suffer from an affliction known as IPS, or Irritable Person Syndrome.

Reported cases of IPS have grown in recent years as the world has been getting increasingly more annoying at an alarming rate.

Vaping, gamers, fake lips, videos shot in portrait orientation, tapas, walking and typing, bloggers, missing font files, DJs, sign-up-for-our-newsletter popups, people who ask if they can ask you a question.

These all take an invisible toll on us.

So while there is no cure for IPS, the condition can be treated with sleep, alcohol, or living in a remote cabin in the forest.

Don’t let Irritable Person Syndrome do to you what it did to me. Pour a drink, take a nap, and take back your life.


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