More Useful Swedish Phrases

Here's the Tower - More Useful Swedish Phrases
Episode 75

If you’ve mastered the previous lesson, it’s time to move on to the next level. Today we’ll be learning more useful Swedish phrases to help you prepare for your trip.

Are your bags packed? — Är du helt jävla puckad?

That’s delightful! — Kors i taket!

You have been very helpful — Du har inte alla hästar hemma.

You are doing a really great job — Vem fan tappade dig när du var en bebis.

Let’s sit down – Sätta på mig pucko.

Would you like something to drink – Sug på den här fuljävel.

We are going to be good friends – Jag kommer inte på din begravning.

Special guest voice: Smutsorm Sommartjej

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