Episode 28

Here’s a little song I wrote a few weeks ago in the beautiful town of Linköping, Sweden. I took a road trip there with my friends Arvid Ringborg and Johan Angantyr and we spent the weekend in a studio recording some songs of our new band Jazzbrunch.

The song you’re hearing right now is not Jazzbrunch, it’s just me. This song is something I made up on one of the pianos in the studio while we were waiting to get started one morning. I liked its simplicity and feel, so I made a note of it using the indispensable Music Memos app on my iPhone. Today, just for you, I recorded a clean version of it here in my apartment.

The songs we recorded with Jazzbrunch have some piano on them, but mostly they are loud and metal and screamy and melodic and psychedelic. We’re really not sure what kind of music it is, so when people ask, I’ve just been telling them that it sounds like a cross between Liberace and Slayer. Our recording has been shipped off to America where it will be mixed by a big-time professional, so the end result could really land at any point along that wide spectrum, depending on his interpretation of the material.

In Jazzbrunch, Johan wrote the music and plays the guitar. Arvid wrote the lyrics and sings. We enlisted the relentless drumming skills of a young fella named Sebastian Engström. I play bass, piano, and I make some guitar feedback noises reminiscent of my old band Metroschifter. That band incidentally played a show in Linköping way back in January of 1999. But that was a loooong tiiiime ago.

And again, this song is not Jazzbrunch. I just happened to write it one morning while hanging around with those guys. That makes a better story than just saying, “Here’s a song,” right?

Photo by Johan Angantyr

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