During the spring of 2000, a contest promotion greeted visitors to the K Composite website. Anyone was welcome to enter by sending a photo and writing a short paragraph about why they thought they should be interviewed in the magazine. The winner, selected by the staff, would appear in the magazine as an interviewee.

John Carswell was one of about twenty entrants. He wrote of himself, “Maybe it would be cool to interview me because I’m in the Navy.” We all agreed with that because we were curious. Joining the Navy is something that none of us would ever do.

As a result of John’s busy schedule, he was interviewed via e-mail.



Born August 20, 1979 in Nashville, Tennessee
178 cm, 83 kg, hazel eyes
Favorite Atari game: Q*Bert

What is your favorite kind of automobile?

’98 Nissan Altima (I don’t know jack about cars, but this is the one I own, so I guess I’d say it’s my favorite).

Do you have any simple advice you would like to pass on to younger people?

Stay in drugs, drink ya’ school, and don’t do milk, fool!

Movies or books?


john-carswellWhere are you and what do you do?

Well, students at the Naval Academy are called Midshipmen. Right now I’m a Midshipman Second Class, which is a junior-equivalent. I’m taking eighteen credits this semester, I’m a political science major, and my job in the Brigade (the student body) is a Brigade Investigative Officer. Basically, whenever a midshipman is turned in for an Honor Offense (like lying, cheating, or stealing) I serve as an impartial investigator.

I also like watching The Family Guy and The Simpsons, reading theology books, historical fiction, classics, and good poetry. I also hang out with my girlfriend alot, and whenever I have time I try to maintain an Elliott fanpage, because they are just a great band without any support on the web.

Do people in the navy who are out at sea carry money in their pockets?

Yes, but I don’t think we’re really supposed to have anything in our pockets, except for guns.

What magazines do you read on a regular basis or have subscriptions to?

World Magazine, Credenda Agenda, Chalcedon Report, Q (when I can ’cause British music is more exciting than American), Biblical Archaeology Monthly, and I usually read Blogs and web-based zines like Western Homes and Pitchfork daily.

Briefly tell me your life story.

Huggies, Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Munsingwear, Boxers, Standard Government Issue Hanes.

Mac or PC?


Companion interview in K Composite 10, Page 235