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Issue 27

McKenzie Gordon comes from a family that genetically has no delays nor filters between when they think something and when they say it.

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Issue 26

Interviews from 2015 with Annasara Lundgren, Elin Gunnarsson, and Angelica Olai.

Issues, K Composite Magazine / 30 December 2015 View
Issue 25

Fredrik Vindelälv and Niclas Blixt Madison have worked together in the magazine business for 8 years. In this unique co-interview, they sit down and talk with each other about their lives and their journey, as well as their unending quest to embarrass each other.

Issues, K Composite Magazine / 5 April 2014 View
Issue 21

Karin Nilsson developed a passion for semicolons while studying media. Jordana Loeb and her sisters all left America for love.

Issues, K Composite Magazine / 9 April 2013 View
Issue 24

86-year-old Ingrid Eliasson uses her colorful vocabulary to talk about a lifetime of changes in relationships, weather and her hometown. Sofia Staaf gets the third degree about her phobia of dirty tableware.

Issues, K Composite Magazine / 5 April 2013 View
Issue 23

Sarah Mattingly grew up on a Kentucky farm and has the accent to prove it. Plus a preview of the new iPad book from photographer Jessica Silversaga.

Issues, K Composite Magazine / 5 April 2013 View
Issue 22

Interviews with cookbook author Linn Larsson, musician Erik Welén and story collector Helena Öhman. Photos by Emily Dahl and Iida Hellström.

Issues, K Composite Magazine / 27 March 2013 View
Issue 20

Olle Morin talks about launching a dating website for creative people and Mary Sparr discusses her addiction to traveling.

Issues, K Composite Magazine / 3 January 2013 View
Issue 19

Linnea Måhlén digs deep into the topics of graphic design, tulips, long-distance relationships and Elaine Benes in this extended single-interview issue.

Issues / 9 October 2012 View
Issue 18

Writer Caroline Hainer exposes her passions for denim shirts and Simpsons news anchor Kent Brockman in this extended single-interview issue.

Issues, K Composite Magazine / 31 August 2012 View
Issue 17

Moa Blomkvist recounts how she got trapped in the luggage compartment of a bus in Malaysia.

Issues / 31 July 2012 View
Issue 16

Interviews with Mia Living, Alicia Cavender and Johanna Åhlberg from 2012.

Issues, K Composite Magazine / 9 May 2012 View
Issue 15

Interviews with Julia Lind, filmmaker Moa Junström and magazine designer Jenny Levallius of Stockholm, Sweden; real estate agent Mary Regal of St. Paul, Minnesota; and letterpress operator Patrick Masterson of Louisville, Kentucky.

Issues, K Composite Magazine / 25 December 2011 View
Issue 14

Interviews from 2011 with Adrienne Isgrigg, Carla Wettig, Stan Doll and Sofia Talvik. Plus 12 mini interviews.

Issues, K Composite Magazine / 7 October 2011 View
Issue 13

Interviews from 2008 with Jessica Woolard, Rachel Graham, Brittany Frey, Taylor Guthrie

Issues, K Composite Magazine / 7 January 2008 View

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