K Composite Magazine for iPhone has been retired and is no longer available. However, this timeless promotional video from 2014 is still here for your enjoyment.

In the future, people will read magazines on their very own high-tech computers.

Today, the researchers at K Composite are developing innovative new ways to send magazine pages through interconnected networks, allowing them to be displayed on screens all over the planet.

This research is pushing the magazine reading experience towards tomorrow. Welcome to the future!

K Composite is a magazine of personal interviews with non-famous people, investigating the lives of unknown personalities with the same attention, design and photography that is pepically reserved for celebrities.

And now, you can carry K Composite Magazine wherever you go! The whole magazine fits in your pocket and is no bigger than a pack of your favorite healthy cigarettes.

Imagine being able to hold a whole year of magazine issues in one hand. Imagine the convenience of reading interviews with people you’ve never heard of while someone is trying to talk to you.

The program is free of charge at your local App Store. Your subscription is cheaper than a gentleman’s cocktail.

Narrated by Rob Banks

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