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Note: This is an archived page. K Composite on the iPad is no longer available.

A unique magazine of interviews with everyday people, editor Scott Ritcher launched the periodical in the ’90s by interviewing his friends.

The concept continues to expand by investigating the lives and personalities of more unknown individuals with the same detailed attention, modern design and photography that is typically reserved for celebrities.

New issues are now available on the iPad worldwide, growing the magazine’s cult following to a Top 10 status in the Apple Newsstand in several countries and Top 100 in the United States.

A real page turner. And slider.

Thanks to the iPad’s beautiful screen, the magazine boasts flexible layouts with moving layers. When you rotate your iPad between portrait and landscape modes, the designs magically float into place to optimize your reading experience.

The K Composite Magazine app and the issues are completely free for iPad.

Download it today in the App Store to get the latest issue.

K Composite is now – and has been for over twenty years – unrivaled as the world’s #1 magazine of interviews with people who are friends and acquaintances of Scott Ritcher.

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