Here's the Tower with Scott Ritcher

Introducing: Here’s the Tower

Episode 1

Hi, I’m Scott Ritcher, publisher of K Composite Magazine, songwriter with the band Metroschifter and the losing candidate in a Kentucky election or two.

I moved to Stockholm, Sweden, in 2009 where I have worked with design in the magazine business and produced a podcast series with my friend Karin Olli-Nilsson called Snuggling With the Enemy. If you’ve heard that podcast, you know I love sound effects and the magic of audio.

Now, I’d like you to join me for a new, experimental audio series called Here’s the Tower. This is the first episode.

Most podcasts spend the first minute trying to sell you mattresses, coffee and website tools, but Here’s the Tower is over and out in that time. That’s because each episode is just one minute long.

If you enjoy it you can quickly listen again, and if you don’t care for it, then you haven’t really wasted any time.

New episodes will appear right here every Wednesday. Thanks for joining me on this adventure.

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