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Posted in Info on 13 May 2012
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Launched as a fanzine, then a full-color magazine – and at one time a Top 100 app in Apple’s Newsstand – K Composite is an American magazine featuring interviews with regular people. It began in the ’90s with the editor simply interviewing his friends.

K Composite quickly gained a following through features in Rolling StoneHarper’s, Chicago Tribune and NPR.

The magazine has expanded to include contributions from people who photograph and interview their own friends.

If you want to be interviewed in the magazine, send us a photo of yourself and tell us who you are.

• If you have a friend you’d like to interview, send us their picture and tell us about them.

• If you’re a photographer who would like to take pictures of people, send us your favorite portraits and we can connect you with the people we need pictures of.

Contributions to K Composite are on a volunteer basis. Even though you won’t be paid, your face, ideas, and/or photography can be exposed to our readers worldwide. All contributed work will be credited.

To submit your ideas or yourself, use the form at this link. Thanks!

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