Posted in Here's the Tower on 16 Jan 2019
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Here's the Tower, Funerify
Episode 35

In the craziness of the app gold rush a few years ago, you might have missed this: some bizdev bros in the Valley came up with a totally cool and fun way to proactively plan your own funeral.

Just download their simple app and with a few quick taps, you can be on your way to the perfect funeral.

Build your perfect playlist, choose your inspirational readings, fill in a few anecdotes for your survivors to tell, and you’ll be remembered in no time.

So whenever you finally succumb to the sweet embrace of death, you can be sure you’ll be memorialized with the super sad, locally sourced, artisanal funeral you’ve always dreamed of.

(Thousands of corporate presentations and app demos have used this kind of ukulele music courtesy of Bensound.)

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