Fleeting Like the Wind: Haiku Episode

Fleeting Like the Wind: Haiku Episode
Episode 64

This week’s episode,
it is in five-seven-five,
they call it haiku.

It’s Here’s the Tower,
and my name is Scott Ritcher,
haiku episode.

I woke up early,
at once I brewed the coffee,
I took it to go.

Dark like the winter,
it warmed me on the inside,
helping to wake me.

Near a small forest,
from my door to the bus stop,
seven-minute walk.

The book I borrowed,
I forgot it on the bus,
it is gone for good.

Only eight hours,
until drinking time tonight,
is it lunch break yet?

Finally I’m free,
and the day is dark again,
almost time for bed.

Fleeting like the wind,
one minute for each Wednesday,
it’s Here’s the Tower.


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