Occasionally Asked Questions

Can I contact someone I saw interviewed in K Composite?

Generally, no, but as a service to our readers, we can do our best to forward mail to someone. Although it may take a very long time for mail to be forwarded, anyone you see interviewed in K Composite can be reached by writing to the following address.

Correspondence will be forwarded unopened. We do not provide readers with direct contact information.

Attn: (Interviewee’s Name)
K Composite Magazine
PO Box 43551
Louisville KY 40253

Can I read more about someone I saw on the K Composite website?

Yes. Many (but not all) interviews are split into two parts. One is posted on this website and the other might have been printed in the paper magazine or in the now-retired iPad or iPhone editions. Some of the questions and photos may be different.

There are two books available which compile the first 12 issues of K Composite. You can buy those here.

Can I be interviewed in K Composite?

Maybe. Click here to get your chance at the third degree.

How do you pick the people you interview?

Unlike most magazines, our interviewees are not pushing new movies, books, records or causes. They are not celebrities. They are just people who are being asked questions about their own lives. The vast majority of the people you see in K Composite are people we already know.

Sometimes we branch out and involve other regular people. If you’d like to be interviewed, just click here to get your chance.

How are the interviews conducted?

Most interviews are done the old fashioned way, in person with an audio recorder, then transcribed later into text. Occasionally, a subject may be interviewed via email or FaceTime if locations do not permit a face-to-face conversation. Most interviews are edited for clarity.

How did K Composite get started? How long has it been around?

K Composite started in 1991 as a Xeroxed fanzine. Our website gets lots of friendly visitors every day and we have printed tens of thousands of paper magazines over the years.