Donny Edge

Donny Edge - Here's the Tower
Episode 70

Just when you thought the president couldn’t get any more petty in his personal attacks, now he has his own straightedge podcast and he’s calling out the posers. So-called “hardcore” bands like Chain of Strength and Four Walls Falling? “Not that classy.” 

Donny Edge lays it on the line, talking some serious smack about the “fake youth crew.” He is disgusted by all these Victory bands with barcodes on their CDs. 

No one is safe, including Snapcase, No For An Answer, A Chorus of Disapproval, Earth Crisis, or Mean Season. Well, he does give a shout out to Face Value. “Tremendous guys.” 

Special guest voice by Dan Jovanovic as Donny Edge. Photo by Matt A.J. 


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