Episode 103 

Bertrand Benoit looks back on his long life as a Cajun grifter. 

He spent years walking town to town along the swampy roads of Louisiana. He passed his days doing card tricks, hustling people out a few bucks, running afoul of the law, and breaking a few hearts across the bayou. 

Now he feels at home just about anywhere. 

Here’s the Tower presents
Scott Ritcher as Bertrand Benoit
Micah Touchet as the Sheriff of Terrebonne Parish
Jasmine Weatherby as Miss Pauline
Pat McClimans as Beauregard Fontenot

Original music:
“Bertrand’s Theme” by Pat McClimans

Other music used with permission:
“Jambalaya Stomp” by The Fly Guy Five
“Infiltrator” by Christopher Moe Ditlevsen
“Crawdad Stomp” by Josh Kirsch
“Something of Value” by Kenzo Almond
“Mississippi Ramble” by The Fly Guy Five

Associate producer: Betsy McClimans

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