Episode 90

At Davidson’s Sausages, we put our heart and soul into what we do.

Though you may have heard about a few unfortunate accidents on our assembly line, in which some of our employees gave their all… they put their entire bodies in.

But every cloud has a silver lining and that’s how we discovered our proprietary blend that tastes like no other sausage you’ve ever tried.

Don’t worry, there aren’t actual humans in our sausages – far from it – just the meat from clones of our old employees. Perfectly safe and perfectly seasoned.

We think you’ll agree, at Davison’s Sausages, our employees are the wurst.

I have made plenty of fake commercials on Here’s the Tower. Many of them have undoubtedly been inspired by years of growing up watching Saturday Night Live. For this end-of-year episode, I felt it was only appropriate to go all-in on an SNL tribute.

The effect wouldn’t be the same without the song at the end. This is “Chances” by Silent Partner, a tribute in its own right to “Waltz in A” by Howard Shore, better known as the closing theme to Saturday Night Live.

Thanks for listening this year and making this crazy year a little more bearable for me. Plenty more Tower is coming your way in 2021. Happy new year.

Associate producer: Betsy McClimans

Music in this episode:
“Hickory Hollow” by Dan Lebowitz
“Chances” by Silent Partner

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