Some people who have been interviewed in K Composite have subsequently interviewed or photographed their friends in the magazine.

Other good friends who have not appeared in the magazine have contributed to it from the back side of the camera or microphone.

This list cross references those connections. The numbers in parenthesis indicate issue numbers.


Interviews by Amy Riggs (7)
Casey Daly (12)

Interview by Jasmine Weatherby (9)
Patrick Masterson (15)

Photos by Katherine Bilby (8)
Joe Walker (10)

Interviews by Miles Harvey (7)
Joe Walker (10)
Sam Harvey (12)

Interview and photos by Ty Kreft (10)
Teeter Sperber (12)

Interview and photos by Taylor Guthrie (13)
Lisa Kauffmann (12)

Photos by Ron Jasin (7)
Jim Suptic (8)


Photos by Emily Dahl
Julia Lind (15)
Moa Junström (15)
Moa Blomkvist (17)
Caroline Hainer (18)
Karin Nilsson (21)
Linn Larsson (22)
Helena Öhman (22)
Ingrid Eliasson (24)
Fredrik Vindelälv (25)
Niclas Blixt Madison (25)
Annasara Lundgren (26)

Photos by Jessie Kriech-Higdon
McKenzie Gordon (27)

Photos by Jessica Silversaga
Sofia Staaf (24)

Photos by Lindsay Cameron
Patrick Masterson (15)
Carla Wettig (14)

Photos by Andrea Frey
Brittany Frey (13)

Photos by Iida Hellström
Erik Welén (22)

Interview co-written by Iida Hellström
Ingrid Eliasson (24)

Photos by Matt Rubin
Emma Pettersson (26)

Photos by Maggie Huber
Stan Doll (14)

Photos by Kevin Russ
Adrienne Isgrigg (14)

Interviews and photos by Mark Brickey
Kate Middleton (7)
Miles Harvey (7)
Stephanie Teague (7)

Interviews by Mark Brickey
Lauren Garrison (9)
Jim Suptic (8)

Interview and photos by Chris Foresman
Abbey Bradford (10)

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