Episode 79

Far out, man! It’s the finale of Here’s the Tower’s third season. Let’s celebrate this beautiful life we’re living. Our wonderful world just grows more glorious with each day we share together.

But please be advised: The management accepts no responsibility if your head explodes while attempting to process this celebratory song’s ever-escalating exuberance. 

Today’s anthem was inspired in no small part by the Barry Manilow hit “I Can’t Smile Without You.” If you’re familiar with that song, perhaps you’ve noticed that it has a silly number of key changes. It keeps going up, higher and higher, and it just won’t stop getting brighter and wider.

Not only that, but Manilow seems to have put all those key changes in there for his own personal amusement, or at least that’s how it appears in the video linked above.

Can this type of key-change abuse be pushed even further?

Starting with that song as a base, I dumped it in a blender with additional inspiration from songs like “Sowing the Seeds of Love” by Tears for Fears and “All Around the World” by Oasis, and added dashes of Polyphonic Spree, Youngbloods, ELO, and the Beatles. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of any of those turkeys, but my song is way better than anything any of them ever pooped out and dared to call music.

With no fewer than ten key changes in 2 1/2 minutes, “Come Along Everybody” is a fitting conclusion to the season that was, and it leaves Barry’s handful of comical modulations in the dust.

Stay tuned! A whole slew of great new episodes are in the works. The fourth season of Here’s the Tower is coming your way in October 2020.

Associate producer: Betsy McClimans

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