Episode 96

During the long winters in Sweden, cozy weekend parties in friends’ apartments are a big help in making cold darkness more bearable. I have missed those parties this year, since getting together like that hasn’t been possible* during the pandemic.

Stockholm’s apartments are fairly compact and the refrigerators are also small, so there’s not a lot of space to keep beer and bubbles cold for your guests. Instead, it’s quite common for people to stack their beers outside on their apartment balcony. Out there it is usually very cold indeed.

You’d think that keeping the beers on the balcony would deter partygoers from congregating in the kitchen, but it doesn’t. The kitchen is still a great place to hang out. In that same respect, this solitary COVID winter hasn’t deterred me from writing songs suitable for parties.

So in anticipation of the winter parties that may return to Sweden next year – or when it is safe to gather again in small spaces – I am happy to present “Beers on the Balcony,” the first party song of 2022, or whenever.

If this pandemic goes on much longer, I just might have an entire album of party songs finished before the next party.

Get ready to sing along and raise your glass.

Sararose Willey as Debbie
Guitar lead by Pat McClimans

Beers on the balcony
If you want a beer (Yeah!)
There’s beers on the balcony
If you want a cold one (Yeah!)
There’s beers on the balcony
It’s really cold outside (Brrr!)
We keep our beers on the balcony
Why is everyone standing in the kitchen?
There’s beers on the balcony

Beers on the balcony
Beers on the balcony
Beers on the balcony
Beers on the balcony

Associate producer: Betsy McClimans

*Disclaimer: Parties have not been possible for people who are not morons. This song is intended for use at post-pandemic parties only, attended by vaccinated and certifiably healthy people. Please don’t let the excitement of the singalong put you or your friends at risk.

“Beers on the Balcony” by Scott Ritcher, Nov 17th Music BMI

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