Baseball Simulator
Posted in Here's the Tower on 20 Feb 2019
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Here's the Tower - Baseball Simulator
Episode 40

Tired of people wanting you to do things?

Now you can act like you’re busy… listening to a baseball game.

Baseball Simulator plays random phrases from baseball games indefinitely.

Since most people don’t care about baseball, they’ll never notice it’s not a real game.

With a handsome woodgrain finish, Baseball Simulator looks like a real radio.

You can place it in your home, your office, by the backyard grill, or anywhere you want it to seem like you’re listening to a baseball game.

And it’s portable! Take it on the go and Baseball Simulator will play for up to 48 hours on a single charge.

Guest voice in this episode: Pat McClimans as the guy who wants people to think he’s listening to a baseball game.


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