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Hear the Metroschifter's Favorite Albums on Apple Music

The members of the Metroschifter chose their favorite albums in a special episode of Here’s the Tower. You can listen to those records here.

Audio Video / 27 February 2019 View
Orson Welles actually finished those Findus frozen food commercials

The infamous recording sessions Orson Welles stormed out of in the mid-Sixties actually resulted in some finished commercials which aired on television.

Audio Video, K Composite Magazine, Stories / 23 October 2018 View
The One-Minute Podcast Series from Scott Ritcher

Scott Ritcher presents a new one-minute audio adventure every Wednesday. Get new episodes wherever you get your podcasts.

Audio Video / 29 August 2018 View
Video: Muhammad Ali's funeral procession

Muhammad Ali was laid to rest in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, on June 10, 2016. Here are a few faces from the tens of thousands who gathered along the funeral procession route.

Audio Video, Stories / 14 November 2016 View
Podcast: Snuggling with the Enemy

Snuggling with the Enemy is a podcast from Stockholm and the love child of Scott Ritcher and Karin Olli-Nilsson. It is perhaps the first and only podcast with a laugh track.

Audio Video / 29 August 2016 View
Surf boarding in high heels with Kit Keenan

I just can’t make fun of Cynthia Rowley’s 16-year-old daughter kicking ass on the waves in a pair of silver heels.

Audio Video, Stories / 20 August 2016 View
Bee attack witness Gary Lee Anderson speaks out against the haters

The man who took eyewitness testimony to a whole new level fires back, “The only inbred I see here is you.”

Audio Video, Stories / 17 August 2016 View
The Voyagers: A Short Film About Earth's Greatest Hits

In the process of compiling golden records to be sent into deep space, Carl Sagan and the project’s creative director Ann Druyan fell in love.

Audio Video, History, Stories / 11 August 2016 View
That Creepy Video of Donald Trump’s Sweaty Lips

This fantastic video – it’s the best video, really – will show you the tremendous skill of touching the back of your pants, wiping the sweat off your lip and rubbing it on your shirt.

Audio Video / 29 July 2016 View
K Composite for iPhone

K Composite is a magazine of personal interviews with non-famous people, investigating the lives of unknown personalities with the same attention, design and photography that is pepically reserved for celebrities.

Apps, Audio Video / 20 April 2014 View
Quick guide to K Composite for iPad

You’ll really enjoy this quick video guide to the iPad version of K Composite Magazine for iPad. It has music, coffee and a pleasant foreign-sounding narrator!

Audio Video, K Composite Magazine / 3 March 2011 View

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