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Posted in Info on 22 May 2012
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K Composite Magazine values its loyal fanbase who trust it to publish only advertisements that will be of interest to the readers.

Available free in the Apple Newsstand in over 120 countries, K Composite has worldwide reach. The magazine has ranked in Apple’s Top 100 iPad magazines in ten countries, the Top 10 in two, and the Top 125 in the United States.

Advertisements in K Composite on the iPad, iPhone and web can include direct links to your website which open directly in the in-app browser, so readers don’t have to leave to app to find out more. Ads can also include animation, sound and video.

If you have a product or service that would fit nicely into the magazine, this is a great opportunity to reach a dedicated, ecclectic and passionate group of people.

Use this form to us know you’re interested and we’ll get in touch with you! Thanks.



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