Crash Course in Cocktails with Drambuie

As an elite member of the Stockholm media was joined by about twenty of my alleged colleagues while a Scottish bloke name Bruce from Drambuie walked us through some quick and dirty recipes.

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Who (or what) the hell is Doctor Who?

The details of what Doctor Who actually is may induce chronic eye rolling and repeated under-your-breath utterances of the word “whatever.” Hang in there, we’re all in this together.

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Be in K Composite

Here’s where you apply to be interviewed in the magazine or to contribute writing or photography.

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William Henry Harrison was barely the President of the United States

If there were ever to be a movie made about the presidency of William Henry Harrison, the two biggest dilemmas in the production would be: 1. Who should we get to play him, Sam Donaldson or Mr. Bean? and 2. How can we possibly stretch this into 90 minutes? For, you see, no man was […]

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Issue 27

McKenzie Gordon comes from a family that genetically has no delays nor filters between when they think something and when they say it.

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Issue 10

Interviews from 2000 with David Cook, John Cardwell, Ryan Stearman, Abbey Bradford, Joe Walker and Ty Kreft.

Issues, K Composite Magazine / 7 Jul 2000 View
Emma Pettersson

You can’t talk about Emma without talking about the music that fuels her life. There is always music playing around her and most of it is heavy and loud.

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Carla Wettig

The stealthily amazing Carla Wettig has sage advice for home buyers. “You don’t want to settle.”

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Peter Searcy

Late in 1991, Peter Searcy was interviewed in the first issue of K Composite.

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Issue 8

Interviews from 2000 with Katherine Bilby, Curtis Mead, Maiza Hixson, Jim Septic and Kley Welsh.

Issues, K Composite Magazine / 10 Feb 2000 View
Alphabetical list of interviews

Alphabetical list of all K Composite interviews

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Bee attack witness Gary Lee Anderson speaks out against the haters

The man who took eyewitness testimony to a whole new level fires back, “The only inbred I see here is you.”

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Frances Folsom married the president. Nice!

In 1886, Frances Folsom married President Grover Cleveland at a White House ceremony. It was the only time a sitting president has been wed while in office.

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Maiza Hixson

Several of Maiza’s past roommates have complained of her using their dishes as containers for mixing paint and not cleaning the ones she uses for food.

Interviews, K Composite Magazine / 1 Feb 1999 View
Muhammad Ali comes home to Louisville

Growing up in Muhammad Ali’s hometown, I saw him in person for the first time when I was 11. For me and millions more, it was his personality that I couldn’t pull my eyes away from.

Stories / 14 Nov 2016 View

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