Abbey Bradford

Abbey Bradford lives in Lafayette, Indiana, a small city of about 60,000 which sits as an oasis roughly halfway between Indianapolis and Chicago.

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Stephanie Teague

“I love tornadoes. I’ve always been scared shitless of them. It gives me this adrenaline rush and it’s so awesome.”

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Thommy Browne

From K Composite 14 Born 16 December 1976 in Louisville where he works as a web designer. Blue eyes. Favorite Atari game: Maze Craze. IF YOU WOKE UP ONE DAY AND DIDN’T KNOW HOW OLD YOU WERE, HOW OLD WOULD YOU THINK YOU ARE BASED ON THE WAYYOU FEEL IN THE MORNING? If I had […]

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McKenzie Gordon

McKenzie Gordon is fascinated by serial killers and really hates it when people chew with their mouths open.

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Ty Kreft

When interviewed in 2000, Mark Tyler Kreft was a 20-year-old Louisville graphic designer who claimed to be a “frickin’ kick ass dude,” but he didn’t want you to think he was a “potty mouth.”

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Karin Nilsson

Karin grew up in the area of Sweden where those red, wooden horses come from, but she feels like her life didn’t really start until she moved to England.

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Mary Regal

Mary Regal is on an eternal hunt for the perfect avocado. That hunt is a horrible curse, because you don’t know you have the perfect avocado until you open it, but as soon as you open it you have to eat it. Then the search begins again.

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About the Adjective Thermometer

Please note that the Adjective Thermometer app will cease functioning on December 31, 2018. The service that provides our live weather data is unfortunately closing down. Thank you for enjoying several descriptive years of weather. Invented as a complex mechanical device, years before the introduction of the iPhone, the Adjective Thermometer comes 11 years in the […]

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Linn Larsson

Linn is the author of three Swedish cookbooks, which she also photographed and designed. Her tiny apartment is like a factory for creativity.

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Surf boarding in high heels with Kit Keenan

I just can’t make fun of Cynthia Rowley’s 16-year-old daughter kicking ass on the waves in a pair of silver heels.

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Tim Berners Lee

Some British dude who lives in Massachusetts invented the World Wide Web in Switzerland in 1990.

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Stan Doll

A lot of people are enthusiastic about life, but most of those people are idiots. That’s somehow not the case with Stan Doll.

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Miles Harvey

When Miles Harvey was interviewed for K Composite in 1999, he was a senior in a high school located in the same building as the K Composite office. His goal at the time was to always wear ties and suits no matter where he was going.

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Muhammad Ali comes home to Louisville

Growing up in Muhammad Ali’s hometown, I saw him in person for the first time when I was 11. For me and millions more, it was his personality that I couldn’t pull my eyes away from.

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There's a World Going on Around You

It might be frightening to click the lock button and put your phone in your pocket, but we can help.

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