Alice Davenport

Alice was interviewed for K Composite in 1992 after having moved to Owensboro, Kentucky.

Interviews / 27 November 1992 View
Issue 1

Interviews from 1991 with Keith Allison, Breck Pipes, Kim Sampson, Peter Search, Karen Sheets and John Weiss.

Issues, K Composite Magazine / 10 May 1991 View
About the Adjective Thermometer

Please note that the Adjective Thermometer app will cease functioning on December 31, 2018. The service that provides our live weather data is unfortunately closing down. Thank you for enjoying several descriptive years of weather. Invented as a complex mechanical device, years before the introduction of the iPhone, the Adjective Thermometer comes 11 years in the […]

Apps / 5 June 1970 View
Louis Winner

Louis Winner realizes the irony of the fact that his three favorite animals are all basically the same: the wolf, the Siberian Husky and the German Sheperd.

Interviews, K Composite Magazine / 18 August 2011 View
Mia Living

“When you first grow up and move away from home, you start getting to know yourself as a grown-up and what you can do with all of your endless possibilities.”

Interviews / 31 July 2012 View
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Info / 10 March 2013 View
Issue 23

Sarah Mattingly grew up on a Kentucky farm and has the accent to prove it. Plus a preview of the new iPad book from photographer Jessica Silversaga.

Issues, K Composite Magazine / 5 April 2013 View
Patrick Masterson

Letterpress printer Patrick Masterson is interviewed by Jasmine Weatherby

Interviews, K Composite Magazine / 26 November 2011 View
Surf boarding in high heels with Kit Keenan

I just can’t make fun of Cynthia Rowley’s 16-year-old daughter kicking ass on the waves in a pair of silver heels.

Audio Video, Stories / 20 August 2016 View
Sarah Mattingly

Sarah Mattingly grew up on a farm in rural Kentucky and she has the accent to prove it.

Interviews, K Composite Magazine / 18 December 2013 View
Tom Husman

Born 18 March 1969 in Atlanta, Georgia Favorite Atari game: Asteroids When Tom Husman was interviewed for K Composite in 1999, his introduction in the magazine went something like this: Thomas Chapman Husman, Jr. works with his father in Toledo, Ohio, where they paint walls and houses. Several times a year, he puts his painting […]

Interviews, K Composite Magazine / 1 October 1999 View
Issue 4

Interviews from 1995 with Kathryn Tillett, Tim Furnish, Michael Jarboe, Andy Polk, Betsy Porter, Pat McClimans, Max Dollinger, and Kristin Wilhelm.

Issues, K Composite Magazine / 10 May 1994 View
Issue 25

Fredrik Vindelälv and Niclas Blixt Madison have worked together in the magazine business for 8 years. In this unique co-interview, they sit down and talk with each other about their lives and their journey, as well as their unending quest to embarrass each other.

Issues, K Composite Magazine / 5 April 2014 View
Olle Morin

Olle Morin talks about launching a dating website for creative people and doing other stuff simply because it needed to be done.

Interviews / 3 July 2013 View
Issue 2

Interviews from 1992 with Carrie Osborne, Bill Barbot, Alice Davenport, Layla Smith

Issues, K Composite Magazine / 10 May 1992 View

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