Here’s the Instagram password for our global media company

In addition to publishing K Composite, I also have a real job in the magazine business. That job as design director at Bonnier Magazines in Stockholm is the job pays my bills.

Bonnier is a big, old, family-run media business that is one of the premier publishers of magazines and books in Scandinavia. They also have some great American titles like Saveur and Popular Science, and they own movie theaters, daily newspapers and television channels. Bonnier is the daily workplace for more than 8,000 creative people in 14 countries.

Each week, they select an employee to run the company’s behind-the-scenes Instagram account called Life at Bonnier. In late February 2017, I took over the account for a week.

The company guy told me that among the only rules were, “Post as yourself, you’re not a spokesperson for the company,” and “Don’t publish sensitive information or personal attacks.” Squares! Good thing they didn’t say, “Don’t make an ass of yourself.”

I dove right in. I produced seven videos that week with the help of my dedicated colleagues. Here are all of those super short films in the order they were published.

Welcome to Life at Bonnier

The Workspace

Meet the best non-living things in my daily workspace! 💻📕 #lifeatbonnier

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In Memoriam

Let's take a moment to pause and remember. @lifeatbonnier #lifeatbonnier

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Season 1, Episode 4

The Tutorial

The Food Blogger