These days, Alicia uses ringtones that came with her phone. “I used to get free ringtones with my old cell phone plan, and I used to have a bunch of ringtones then. Not anymore. Journey, Outkast, Neil Young… You know. All the hits!”

“When you first grow up and move away from home, you start getting to know yourself as a grown-up and what you can do with all of your endless possibilities.”

When Miles Harvey was interviewed for K Composite in 1999, he was a senior in a high school located in the same building as the K Composite office. His goal at the time was to always wear ties and suits no matter where he was going.

Julia’s presence is at once heartwarming, indignant, endearing, prodding and hysterical. So much of everything she says is in the subtleties, nuances and colors of the way she says it. When transcribed into written words, most of it simply disappears with the sounds.