Linnea Måhlén digs deep into the topics of graphic design, tulips, long-distance relationships and Elaine Benes in this extended single-interview issue.

Moa Blomkvist recounts how she got trapped in the luggage compartment of a bus in Malaysia.

Mia Living draws a self portrait in seven seconds, but waits until the sixth second to start. Alicia Cavender, an enthusiast for inexpensive but remarkable food, speculates on the nuances of the ringtone business. Johanna Åhlberg fell in love with the band INXS after listening to one of her father’s old CDs and is dreaming of becoming an electrician.

Interviews with Julia Lind, filmmaker Moa Junström and magazine designer Jenny Levallius of Stockholm, Sweden; real estate agent Mary Regal of St. Paul, Minnesota; and letterpress operator Patrick Masterson of Louisville, Kentucky.