Adjective Thermometer

Rather than displaying your forecast in numbers, the Adjective Thermometer magically computes weather conditions and reports the temperature with a single word.

Developed by a master linguist – or some dude who told us he was – temperature descriptions are augmented with single-word characterizations of the wind speed and relative humidity.

Adjective Thermometer depicts the personality of current conditions and a 3-day forecast.

A hot day in Madrid might have a high of intimate. But cold winter days in Chicago may only reach absurd. For a crisp day in Vermont, expect the temperature to be unobjectionable.

Select a location or use your iPhone’s built-in GPS and the app will return one of more than 600,000 possible combinations of words, phrases, colors and graphics using live atmospheric data sourced from more than 30,000 weather stations around the planet.

If it’s cloudy and uninviting or sunny with a high of unrestrained – now you’re getting to know the personality of the weather.

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Invented as a complex mechanical device four years before the introduction of the iPhone, the Adjective Thermometer comes 11 years in the making.

Detailed in sketchbooks as an impossible concept in 2003, technological advances have now made it possible to carry the magic around in your pocket.