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Angelica Olai

Angelica Olai was born on the third of February 1992 in Jönköping, Sweden Green-blue eyes with orange highlights around the pupils / 170 cm Favorite Atari game: none What is your earliest childhood memory? Oh! I was just talking about this earlier today! I have the worst memory. The earliest… I have memories based on […]

Sarah Mattingly

When I first met Sarah Rose Mattingly, I immediately began calling her Becky. I had always wanted to have a good friend named Becky and she walked right into it. It took some of my other friends several years to learn that Becky was not actually her real name. It actually feels kind of strange […]

Helena Öhman

Maria Helena Öhman is interested in good stories and how people tell them. Her love of stories has led her through a course of studies including sociolinguistics, advertising, international cinema, literature and anthropology. Having lived in Los Angeles and Northern Ireland, she has worked as a copywriter and community manager and has a developed a […]

Linn Larsson

In the year or so since I met Linn Anna Victoria Larsson, I’ve come to realize I don’t know anyone else like her. The smart sensibilities that run through her direct conversation style, her clean and fun taste in fashion and her tireless creativity, all come together into a captivating person who I was instantly […]

Olle Morin

From K Composite 20 Olle Per Morin is one of those people you hear about who has lived everywhere and done a little bit of everything. Born in the south of Sweden, he has made his home on three continents – in Buenos Aires, Munich and Massachusetts – as well as in the Swedish cities […]

Erik Welén

Erik Markus Welén’s first summer job was as a groundskeeper at a huge cemetery, “Keeping graves nice and tidy, cutting grass and filling holes.” He quickly learned that when you’re in the hole there are only certain parts of the casket you can stand on. “One guy stepped through one once.” That made an impression […]

Karin Nilsson

Karin Anna Helena Nilsson grew up in Borlänge, a Swedish town of about 40,000 people in the area where those little wooden horses come from that are painted red. The young Karin was “terribly shy” and always felt out of place in the town whose highlights are dueling iron and paper mills. She turned to […]

Caroline Hainer

Caroline Anna Sofia Hainer (whose name is pronounced CAR-o-leen HI-ner and whose initials are CASH) is a prolific writer whose smart and uproarious analysis has grappled with the worlds of perfume, relationships, film and pop culture. She has written exhaustively on the topic of her love/hate relationship with the series 24 and is occasionally consulted […]

Alicia Cavender

Alicia Renee Cavender grew up in Piqua, a small town in central Ohio. At college age, the quick and slender “Lish” moved to Louisville on an athletic scholarship to run track. She graduated with a degree in biology which quickly placed her in her dream job. Working as a field biologist in Kentucky, she collected […]

Mia Living

MIA THERESE LIVING is endlessly curious about the way people think and act. When you speak with Mia, it sometimes feels like the back of her mind is busy cycling through what you’re thinking about. Perhaps that extra attentiveness is part of what makes her one of the most charming and earnest people I’ve known. […]

Julia Lind

One day in the summer of 2011, my friend Iida told me there was a new girl at her job who I would totally love. A month or so later, I met Julia Lind who was that new girl. Iida was absolutely right. Julia Anna Astrid Lind grew up in a small Swedish town called […]

Patrick Masterson

Patrick Taylor Masterson was interviewed by Jasmine Weatherby (K Composite 9). He works as a letterpress printer in Louisville, where he was born on the first of March 1977. Photos by Lindsay Cameron. ARE YOU GOOD AT WASHING DISHES? I’m great at washing dishes. Absolutely. I’m not good at using a dishwasher, I’ve recently learned. But I’m […]

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